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February 28, 2024

Ben Woodington

Opto is thrilled to launch with £1.85M in pre-seed funding, led by Blackbird Ventures, additionally supported by Possible Ventures and Amar Shah (founder of Wayve Technologies) among others. We're excited to be working with these incredible investors. Their support enables us to accelerate our mission of translating minimally invasive implantable neurotechnology, providing clinicians with new tools to fight hard-to-treat diseases.

Opto is led and co-founded by Ben Woodington (ex-medical device engineer and neuroengineering researcher) and Elise Jenkins (electrical engineer turned neuro-oncology researcher) who undertook their PhDs in the Bioelectronics Laboratory at the University of Cambridge. Our founding team and advisors have spent years discussing the immense possibilities and gaps within neurological treatment and monitoring. The more engineers, surgeons, and neurologists we speak with, the more our excitement grows, as does our conviction that we can and will do more to help those suffering from underserved and aggressive diseases.

With conventional treatment modalities failing us and breakthroughs stalling, we believe now is the time to develop technologies that redefine the standard of care. With the right tools and the right approach, we will unlock new treatments and improve patient outcomes. Our team of scientists, engineers, and clinicians are not just passionate about advancing the field of neurology, we are hell-bent on finding new ways to do so. By developing exquisitely small and minimally invasive biological interfaces, we can create opportunities to treat some of the worlds toughest medical problems.

Our focus is on pushing the boundaries of what's possible with technology and data, while collaborating with a consortium of leading clinicians from across the globe. Opto will be using this latest round of investment to expand our engineering team and push towards validation of our core technology platform.

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