New neurotechnology applications, required a new platform - so we built one.

Opto has identified the need for broad area, high coverage neural interfaces to improve the treatment of cancer. This has been made possible by reimagining the neural interface, building products that are compatible with the future of oncology and minimally-invasive surgery.


Opto's flagship neurotechnology platform is smaller than any other on the market, enabled by novel electrode materials, batteryless operation, and advancing manufacturing methods. We’re creating a safer, minimally invasive device, without compromising on features.


Our platform conforms to the body using ultra-flexible materials which mimic the natural properties of biological tissue. This enables higher electrode coverage and longer-term integration with the body.


Opto balances a discreet size, low power budget, and high data rates leveraging unique high-bandwidth optical communication. We harness the wealth of brain data, to learn new biomarkers, drive intervention faster and identify new therapeutic targets. The future of neurotechnology is wireless.